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Tribute Book Project

This project program is to mentor students towards a better creative-to-business awareness,

whilst also providing a project work opportunity.

​​This project is being coordinated by Golden Lion Publishing and Devine Public Relations. The Palm Beach Tribute Book, furthering the mission of recognizing those that have "made a difference." A portion of the proceeds will be donated to community needs, via the Palm Beach Foundation.


You are invited to participate in the launch of this new published Palm Beach coffee table book: Palm Beach - a Tribute to the Community


This publication showcases: 

 - the first 100 years of Palm Beach history, lifestyle and culture

 - most of the prominent families and individuals who have made a

   difference within the community

 - many of the top organizations that have had an impact on society


There are numerous ways to participate within the launch of this Palm Beach coffee table book.

The participant can choose to (but not be limited to):

 - nominate and/or sponsor their own organization at an event

 - purchase a table sponsorship or tickets for a book launch event

 - host a book signing event in honor of one of the included editorial

   individuals or organizations

 - gift the books to the guests at their own organization’s event


 Also available at:



Book launch parties (currently being scheduled for 2015/2016 season). A portion of proceeds will benefit a local Palm Beach community project.


For inquires or more information:
The Palm Beach Foundation, Inc.
205 Worth Ave. Suite 201
Palm Beach FL 33480 | Tel: 561.653.1600

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