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Palm Beach Foundation Student Mentor Programs


"Keeping the Arts in Young Hearts... for a Creative Future.”

Troy Devine (1980 - 2013)

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Our program goals are to provide children and young adults with: a sense of community;  help them to experience and interpret a rapidly changing world and give voice to their diverse and under-represented communities. 


Further goals for these student programs are to: help promote cross-cultural understanding; encourage participation in civic and community life; encourage work ethic and respect in the work-place and especially to motivate the  student's in their own creative life goals.


Our programs recognize that artistic and cultural activities are an essential component of healthy, strong and vibrant communities.

Palm Beach Foundation Inc. Programs:

We are currently running two programs requiring urgent funding: The Palm Beach Foundation student mentor program and CREATE - The student creative showcase. As follows:

The student mentor program is in-office and the students are in a working role where they are referred to as paid interns. This programs helps with their future job opportunities by providing the correct working tools. They are taught work ethic and office behavior whilst acting as researchers, graphic designers, photographers and event coordinators. Their outcome is to actually participate and help produce historical community publications, as well as special events in which our community leaders are recognized.

The student creative showcase CREATE - is a program to platform and uplift students within the arts in a performance showcase. These are usually under-funded school art departments who desperately need instruments, tools and a platform for their students to create awareness. This also acts on an inspirational level for students to remain on-course as they face many outside community challenges. These students groups include: musicians, dancers, artists and many more.

2018  - 2019 Create Event Grants

"I want to thank you for the very generous grant you've given to Palm Beach Public. The grant is being used to assist our Palm Beach Public strings students with music mentoring. Using the grant, we sponsored seven deserving students to attend a one week Strings Summer camp in July. Additionally, we will be sponsoring on going private professional musical mentoring to the same seven children. The mentoring provided by this generous donation will help shape their lives for years to come. II would not have been possible without your support."

Randolph Smith, Music Director

Palm Beach Public School

"Grants like the one from The Palm Beach Foundation provide low-income youth at our Delray Beach Clubhouse a way to develop self-expression, build confidence and academic skills. Young people need positive outlets for creative self-expression, and many of our members have an interest in the arts but have not had the opportunities to experience the arts outside of the school environment, if then.


Our music program helps us develop critical thinking, self-discipline, self-esteem, self-confidence, and teamwork. Many of our youth need only the spark to set them on a path toward success academically, socially, emotionally, and mentally. Once they find the spark, with the support of the staff and music teachers, they soar.


This is imperative for the children, the families, and the larger community. When provided with the opportunities to thrive in a safe, secure, challenging, fun environment, supervised by caring adults, youth stay out of gangs, off the streets, avoid risky behaviors, and have to time to focus on a path toward a productive future."  Sheila Zayas, Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County



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