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The Palm Beach Foundation Mission

Recognizing those making a difference to inspire others to do the same… and more!

Keeping the arts and nature in young hearts...for their whole future!

                                                 We uplift and mentor new generations on their path of creative, cultural and civic worth.

"Some people dream of making a difference ​...Palm Beachers have made it a skill.​"  Olympia Devine

 Artistic, cultural and environmental activities are an essential component of healthy, strong and vibrant communities. 

This  provides for: a sense of community;  helps us experience and interpret the rapidly changing world; gives voice to diverse and under-represented communities;  helps promote cross-cultural understanding;  encourages participation in civic and community life; helps appreciate and protect our natural environment.

The Palm Beach Foundation goal: providing assistance and guidance for children in need within creative programs... to help them in all they may face in their lives. Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality and to generate solutions - even innovations whether this is in art programs, business projects, academics,  or even in difficult life experiences that they may face....

Beneficiaries of the Palm Beach Foundation Mission:

"We are the Palm Beach Public Orchestral Strings program. Most of our students began in Kindergarten and continue to play through 5th grade and beyond. There are a total of 185 string students in our program in 5 skill level classes. Students are provided with instruments, music and additional instruction by local strings professionals. We receive limited funding from the school district but we primarily rely on outside donations to keep the program running.

On behalf of Palm Beach Public and the PBP Orchestral Strings Foundation, I want to thank you for the March 19, 2016 event at Mar-a-Lago. It was a wonderful experience for our students and we are grateful for the opportunity. We are extremely appreciative of the generous financial donation from the Palm Beach Foundation for our Orchestral Strings program......" Randolph Smith, Music Teacher/Choice Program Director.

Palm Beach Public School

"The steel drum group is one of several we have at Lake Worth Community High School. The programs have received superior ratings in many mandated assessments as well as being selected as a National Finalist with the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation. The growth of this program has caused additional needs, such as new uniforms and additional instruments.

We are very grateful for the event at the Omphoy Hotel organized by the Palm Beach Foundation for the Lake Worth Centennial. We welcome the donation received, as well as the opportunity to showcase our full student steel drum ensemble.... which was so well received that we were invited to play at the hotel as entertainment on a regular basis...."  Daniel Harvey, Director of Bands.

Lake Worth Community High School

"Grants like the one from The Palm Beach Foundation provide low-income youth at our Delray Beach Clubhouse a way to develop self-expression, build confidence and academic skills. Young people need positive outlets for creative self-expression, and many of our members have an interest in the arts but have not had the opportunities to experience the arts outside of the school environment, if then.


Our music program helps us develop critical thinking, self-discipline, self-esteem, self-confidence, and teamwork. Many of our youth need only the spark to set them on a path toward success academically, socially, emotionally, and mentally. Once they find the spark, with the support of the staff and music teachers, they soar.


This is imperative for the children, the families, and the larger community. When provided with the opportunities to thrive in a safe, secure, challenging, fun environment, supervised by caring adults, youth stay out of gangs, off the streets, avoid risky behaviors, and have to time to focus on a path toward a productive future."  Sheila Zayas, Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County

"Thank you for the grant money that was donated to Dreyfoos School of the Arts. We recently travelled to Atlanta, Georgia to compete in a Choral festival against other choirs from the southeastern United Stars.    The grant allowed four students who could not afford the trip to attend.  These students benefited greatly from this experience and they are very appreciative of the opportunity.  Thank you again for your generous donation."

Ken Taylor, Director of Choral Studies

Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts

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